People + Planet

With climate change and carbon emissions on
the rise, One Retail Group strives to create a positive impact
on the climate and the community by partnering with
life-changing organisations.

One Retail Group + WeForest Carbon Compensation Program

We have partnered with WeForest to help contribute to reforestation to remove the excess carbon from our atmosphere with simple, nature-based solutions. This partnership allows us to help compensate for our carbon emissions and improve communities’ lifestyles through the simple act of growing trees.

Our pledge to grow 10,000+ trees

We have pledged to provide local farmers with the training and tools necessary to help restore 8.3 ha of native woodland with indigenous trees.

We are focusing on the forest in Zambia’s Copperbelt province, where reforestation is crucial as the forest
has been depleted due to years of charcoal and wood fuel production and unsustainable agriculture.

Using an Assisted Natural Regeneration approach, we are supporting the Luanshya Forest Commodity Association to learn new skills and diversify their sources of income. While the farmers wait for their fruit trees to become harvestable, they are provided with beehives as a short-term income alternative and connected to local businesses to ensure they can sell their honey and become less dependent on WeForest contributions.

The farmer’s autonomy, as well as their willingness to protect the Miombo forest in the long-term, ensures sustainability of the project and aligns with One Retail Group’s vision.

Our Vision

One Retail Group is proud to partner with WeForest to do our part to help positively impact sustainability for generations to come. Through reforestation, we can support local communities and help to compensate for our carbon dioxide emissions for a lasting step towards healthier living, with far-reaching effects.

We understand how important community and the fight against climate change are and we are committed to ongoing contributions for a better future for us all – one tree at a time.


One Retail Group +
Goods for Good
Community Programme

Here at One Retail Group, we know how important it is to get involved with your community and reduce waste while bettering lives. That’s why we donate returned products that are in good condition to Goods for Good, who offer global humanitarian aid by taking our products wherever they are needed most.


To do our bit a little closer to home, we also do sleeping bag drops throughout London in Winter to contribute to keeping our community safe and warm. We also have essential winter items such as sleeping bags available to homeless charities and shelters at heavily discounted prices.