Why not visit our office & bounce your ideas off us over a game of ping pong.

Whether you want to improve our operational efficiency or have a passion for developing and creating new products ideas, we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join the team. We may not advertise opportunities, but that’s because we might not know we need you, so if you’re interested please send us an email.

A typical day

Whether you need a tea or coffee, a biscuit or some fresh fruit to wake you up, we’ve got you covered, not to mention some of the best bagels we’ve ever tasted (with all the spreads).

The rest of the day, well that’s down to you. Our online marketplace team like to review the previous day’s sales whilst our design team like to have a morning huddle to plan the day, but really there’s no strict routine here.

However busy you are, there’s always time to learn something new or make time for an exciting new project and we’ll always support you whether you’re growing personally or growing the business.

As for our CEO, Joshua, his door is always open, so whether you want to discuss a new opportunity or want to draw upon his experience, we believe in helping each other succeed so grab your pen and paper!

Hard work pays off

Our team works hard, so we like to make sure we show our appreciation. That’s why every 6-8 weeks the team organises an event of their choice. From Bingo to pottery painting and axe throwing to go karting, we’ve almost done it all.

Think you could make a difference? Drop us an email at [email protected]. We may not know we need you yet.